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Older Bunton / Beyers Gold Questions

Last year I bought a used Beyers Gold 48" commercial mower. I got it from an individual that bought it new and used it just to cut his own grass (he had a couple of acres). I have a little over an acre myself. I beleive that Beyers Gold is just a "copycat" of the Bunton.

It has a 48" flat front deck with 14 HP Kohler engine. It also has the Dalton Gear transmission and dual cog type drive belts on each wheel.

I have always walked with the mower so I have always had it in the lowest gear. Well I bought a sulky and tried to speed up, but no matter where I put the speed lever it does not pick up speed. (it has 7 positions on the gear lever (no reverse)). The only thing I did notice is that when I was on an up slope in 7th gear the mower would stop going. The engine would not bog down it would just stop moving. The transmission was still turning but the wheels weren't. I did notce that the belt guides (pieces of "L" bracket are rubbing all four drive belts, should they be like this? The belts have actually worn grooves in the brackets.

My other questions are:

1 - Since the mower stopped moving with the transmisson still turning do I need to replace the drive belts? Should all four be replaced at once?

2 - Why would I not notice any diffence in speed in other gears?

3- I'm not exactly a little person (250+), can I be doing any hard to the transmission/engine by using the sulky?

thanks in advance.

Bob E
Louisville, KY
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