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Originally posted by hardworking-poorman
Hello.thanks for the replys. Yes Im glad spring is here but with 8 yards left dont feel real excited. Our are is so over saturated with lawn care people that getting a decent yard is very very hard. I have not picked up one new yard in over a year but d%$$mn if I cant loose 16 real fast. I lost all these is a 2 month period. wiped out about 1200 a month and thats a lot of doe when your a one man show. I did try for some other govt contracts, (see my other thread :need help fast on bidding on huge appartment complex" and the person that was doing it was so cheap could not even come close. SER you are right about my wife nothing I do has ever been good enough but thats another story for another forum. Along with my miserabe job have to come home to a miserable marriage. I guess the final straw came yesterday when I went to church and prayed for some new customers then the pastor whom Ive been mowing their yard for 5 years called me aside and told me he had got a push mower got 30 bucks was going to star doing it himself and he knows what a hard time Im having. BTW new pastor not the older one we had before. I walked out and mumbled to myself "thanks alot God" Im sorry should not have said that but really felt rained on LOL
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