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Lesco Northeast--Good guys with great product knowledge
Cisco--On Shadeland in Eastgate, custom seed blends and 2 1/2 gallon glypohosate sp, for $88.00
Ameri-turf--Closer than Prarie Creek, but doesn't green up as fast in the spring as Prarie creek ( diff. seed blend)
Garrity Stone--Close to me
Brehob--North and south
Arrow Tool--Best DC mechanic in the country (if ya ever need one), he advises the factory
Henthorn--on Lafayette Rd
Indiana Mulch--depending on where I'm working
Automatic Irrigation--Since builders plumbing closed
Pro source one--Not much anymore since they moved
UHS--every once and a while
Ben Meadows
A & L Labs
ClC Labs
Hoosier Trapper--for the best small hand shovel, the Yo-ho
JD Landscapes--for Rid Rust 2000 (too expensive for anything else)
Heartland growers--Great for annuals. If they don't have it, it don't grow. And it's in great shape. You will have to kill it.
Tiffany--King of Spades, and whatever else they sell
K & K trucking--Good guys, great Course L placement and dirty rocks
Dollar Store--Measuring cups & heavy equipment --ha ha ha
Aldies--Crew fluids

MRTF & ILLA member--didn't renew my INLA, but I still hold a manual. One of these days I'm a gonna take that test. P.L.A.N.T. Addict

my major suppliers are Speedway, Farmers Ins. and Labor Finders
after these guys get done with me, I have to cut a stick of gum 7 times to get through the week.
"But at home one is bound with petty regulations and irksome restraints.....He feels lost even in great crowds, for nothing and no one seem in sympathy. The people he knows may be good fellows, but they do not understand him, and he does not understand them. he longs to get back to the bush, for there he felt an exaltation that no civilized land can possibly supply." -Denis D. Lyell
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