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Are you talking about the IAP (Indiana Accredited Plantsmen) test? If so, you probably could pass it with your eyes closed.... At least the old version, which if you currently hold a manual, I think you can still take the old version, but I'm not sure. I took the test in January, scored 99 out of 100. Only thing I missed was a mistaken ID, was in a hurry and thought a bit of hemlock branch was a yew. My boss is on the INLA board of directors, so if you have any questions about it, I can check with her and she can check with Wayne about the test.

Do the K&K boys drive red tri-axles? If so, I think one of them darn near killed me a few years ago....

Forgot about one of our suppliers. Galema's Greenhouse in West Lafayette. We get most of our annuals from them, they have good prices, and are good about faxing you with sale items during the season....

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