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I discovered my speed problem. The variable pulley on the engine shaft (it has a good size spring on it) was seized up and the speed adjustment rod was WAY out of adjustment. I lubed up the pulley with WD-40 and put my gear puller on the bottom part and broke it free. And readjusted the speed lever about 20 turns.

Evidently the owner before me knew it didn't work right and just adjusted the lever to where it would run at one speed. By trying to move it to a higher speed the belt would start slipping.

I'm afraid to lube it too much, because I don't' want to get the grease on the belt.

How should I keep this pulley working freely?

I'm also needing drive wheel pulleys and belts for this Byers Gold, does anyone know if the Bunton's are the same? What about the idler pulleys?
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