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Walker Seat bolt removal tool

I have made a tool for removing the seat bolts on Walkers. I am going to try to post the photos. Wish me luck. I took a 9/16 socket and cut out for the weld on the bolts but that weaken the socket so much it would have failed the first time I would have used it. I found a piece of water pipe that the socket could be pressed into and then pressed that in to a second piece of pipe. and welded it all up.I had to go back and do a little detail grounding with a Dremel tool to get it just right. I can put it on my battery impact and remove a seat before you can thank about it. If you look real good you can see a make down the side of the socket. This make shows me where the cut out for the weld is at to make it easier to line up.

<img src="">

<img src="">
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