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I am with Jkelton on this one. We do not take work away from our contractors. We will not do any commercial jobs unless we are subed out for them. Residentials we will do on the other hand but we do check to see if they use a lawn care company or any other service that one of our cliantes my be providing them with. Also we do not even begine to focuse on residintals untill all of our contracted work from our landscapers is done. tipicaly around june. Pluse as Jkelton said we do not offer the other services that are tipicaly done when the mulch is applied. We are in the business of productivity and we only clean up the mess that we create. Most of our landscapers will come in before us and clean out the beds and re-edge them if they need it. That is how we work and i would imagen most blower companies would work the same way, or else they will be hurting themselves in the long run.
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