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I laugh

Originally posted by D Felix
62 yards isn't that big.... Try over 200 on one residential job.

Did that one about 2 years ago for my former employer. All edging done by hand, many straight, and I mean STRAIGHT edges had to be cut. We were there about a week with a crew of 8-10 guys and three trucks.

Nothing like backing a crew cab F450 across the yard leapfrogging plywood as it moves... Don't miss that at all!

But, I haven't had to do that recently. 62 yards is a big one, good luck with it!

try 325 at my house, my dad wants the hill mulched at 3-4inches, what a PITA. i going to die this summer. one skidsteer, a couple of wheelbarrows and some shovels. sounds like fun huh?
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