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Do you think I am handling this correctly?

I just went to mow a customers lawn today and he came out and informed me that his neighbor had called the cops on him the last time I mowed because I had mowed about a 3 foot wide strip of their yard also. He was real cool about it and kind of laughing about the whole bad neighbor situation, but I still feel like I should do something to make up for the trouble he had to go through, because he did inform me of the property lines befor hand, and I only went a little bit onto the neighbors yard so that I could get a nice straight line. (How was I to know they would be pricks?) So I'm thinking that I should contact the neighbor and explain that it was entirely my fault, and they should not bring the customer into it. I was also thinking of offering my customer a free fert. since his yard needs it anyways. what do you guys think?
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