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I considered a lot before I did this job and maybe didn't post all of the info before. It was a lawn customer of mine and she had a border around some of her beds with common brick stacked up about 4 high. Every time I mowed, a few would fall and I spent time putting them back up, not to mention how tacky it looked. I suggested the castle block and it's only 2 courses so there wasn't a lot of ground prep needed. My cousin is an experienced landscaper and I asked him what to charge, he said double the cost of the block. I thought that was a bit high for a 2 course border job. It took so long because I hadn't done it before. I had to go back for 1 12" and 3 8" blocks so that was 45 minutes that was my fault for sure. I can see charging a lot more if it is a true wall with all the ground prep and such. I appreciate the comments and would like some more since I added more information. This is the kind of job that a lot of guys can make good money on without major ground work and little investment in tools or equipment.
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