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Blades for John Deere

I hope I'm not thrown out of this site since I'm not a landscaping professional, but I find it helpful to learn from the pros instead of trial and error. With that said, I heard so many professionals praising the Gator blades that I had to get some for myself. I purchased the recommended Gator blades for my L110 John Deere tractor and couldn't wait to try them out. I installed them properly (fin side up), installed the mulching plug and started mulching away, or so I thought. To make a long story short, these blades left grass clipping on top of the lawn no matter how slow I traveled. Since my grass had grown taller than usual, I thought that the poor mulching was due to the grass height. I tested my theory by switching back to the OEM blades and began cutting the other half of my lawn. The OEM blades mulched the grass perfectly, even with the tractor traveling at 5 mph. Am I missing something? I used the model of Gator blades specified for my tractor by Oregon, but maybe they were never field tested on the tractor.
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