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Hi Two Planks

First of all, I do like your pond. What kind of filtration do you have in it? Tell me about it? Do you have a skimmer in it? How deep is it? Are they planning on putting mosquito fish, or goldfish in there?

There are only two things I would have done differently. The first is the fact that it is under that tree. A pond that size will foul very quickly if not kept clean. That's going to make maintenance a pain in the butt if the home owners dont keep a net over it. Is that the location they picked out, or did you select that site? The only other thing I would have dne differently would have been the rocks you used. I too would have used smaller rocks. It doesn't mean I'm right and you're wrong. It's all a matter of taste. It's your first pond for goodness sake. It looks to me like you did really well. I still like the way it looks though. Good job. I can't wait to see your next pond Buddy.

As for Stxkyboy. Lol...well lets just say that I'm eagerly waiting for him to post pics of his first pond on here so that I can critique it (rubbing my hands feverishly together). Don't worry Stxkyboy. I'll be gentle. Lol!!

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