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Here is how our 6x12 trailer is setup...

60" ZTR on back
36" WB and 21" Pusher towards front

ZTR & WB are held down using Fastraps, Push mower held by jungle boot.

Stihl stick edger, Stihl trimmer, & Deere trimmer on trimmer trap.

2 Deere BP blowers on Green Touch BPB racks above fenders.

2 Lesco BP sprayers on front sides using Jungle Spracks.

Tongue box with tools & parts.

Stihl hedge trimmer and Stihl handheld blower on floor along with 5 gal gas can and 2.5 gal mix.

Trailer also has electric brakes and carries a spare on the side.

By the way, the area in the background of this picture is not maintained by us (it looks terrible, clippings in beds, not edged often enough, and they turn around on the property we maintain and leave scalp marks and scuffs).
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