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String trimmer-- mower--blower. Don't buy homeowner stuff. Stay out of Lowes and Home Depot.
I started with a 48" belt drive WB but I wish I had gotten a hydro.
A 48" and a 21" will cut a lot of properties but you have to know you area and what will fit. If you have a lot of gates and small lots than maybe a 36 is all that you will need to start. Start off with as little as you need and add as you get the work. I used the 48 as my only mower for 2 years(and the 21) until I had the work to pay for the Z (and the job size) I now have the 48" a 36" a 60" Z and 2 21". Am looking at a 52" hydro now as we got the work to keep it busy. Remember, a mower that is on the trailer is costing you money, NOT making you money.
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