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Building our first pond tomorrow.

Well, we are puttign in the ADI system.

Total cost of mini system is $805 with a 3000gph pump.
Charged $2200 with a year warranty. On the parts of course!

We are not going to be doing NO work on the actual pond. However, we will be putting in the filtration system.

Is this a reasonable price? EST. time will be 4 hours with 4 guys. Sound right?

Basically, just take old waterfall apart, place biofalls, and skimmer, and place plumbing in the ground.

You all should see this pond that is in there now! Plumbing EVERYWHERE placed together by ever lil hardware store in town! It is pathetic! Looks horrible!@

Wondering if just puting in filtration system is a good idea? Try to talk customers in for puttign a full new pond in, but they dont like the price. I figured to put the new pond in with labor, and kit would run around $5500 Only $2000 weould go towards labor and kit. Does that sound right? So cheap, because the pond is already dug out!

Anyways, I need to know this.... The person has a HORRIBLE string algae problem, and also the water is so green, you cannot even see the bottom. If we just go ahead and power was the algee off and put the bio falls in and skimmer, will this really help- her problem? Adding the appropiate chemicals as well.

What do you all think? Power washing will help?

Please help!

This is my first ADI pond, filtration system we have installed, tired of the old lowes POS!!!!!!!!!
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