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I ONLY MOW FOR FULL-SERVICE ACCOUNTS.I figure all of my full service accounts on 30 cuts per season.

owing makes me very little money -- barel;y pays for itself. BUT -- it does get me many dcustomers who would look lesewhere if I did not offer mowing.

To figure monthly price I decide onr pe/rcut price and times that by 30. I have found 30 is the average number of cuts in KC per season. Decide how much i will need to cahrge to trim shrubs 4 or 5 times throughout the year. Figure out cost for doing weed control and fertilizer applications. All of this is then divide by 9 mos. and then charged flat rate each month.

In the spring I am often mowing every 4 days -- but in the summer I may be mowing every 10 -1 5. I mow based on the grass.

I then offer a prepay discount which many custoemrs take me up on. I usually give 4%.

So - I ahve a customer who has her lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed and fertilizer and weed control done for $230/mo. So with her prepay discount she paid me for $1988.00. She never worries about her lawna gain until Next spring when she will write me a lishtly larger check.
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