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First landscape bid...Close?

My services are usually mow/blow/and go. That is all i wanted to be this year.

Well this week i have gotten three calls to do shrub trimming, and i have read how much everyone hates doing them, so i wasnt going to do them. Well i got a call to do a simple landscaping job which included doing hedges, so i bought the stihl hs80.

Wow, dont really know what that rant was about, but anyway, i wanna know where my prices fell for the small landscaping job.

INstall 2 yards of mulch (5 feet from pile, to bed)
weed a small bed (maybe 20-30 minutes)
Seed the lawn (2000 sq ft.)

Total price came to $425 which i feel was a pretty good price (my end). I have never done mulch installation so let me know how i did in bidding this job.

Also got a lawn contract out of it for $28 bucks.

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