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thanks for the reply

My two major problems were not answered though. HOW do I adjust the wheel? People are telling me I have to adjust the PLATE. Why can't I sharpen the WHOLE blade? It hits the housing and leaves about an inch of blade unsharpened towards the middle. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a grinder.

Also, when I am sliding the blade back and forth under the wheel, the blade gets caught up in the slit that runs down the middle of the plate. It does not side back and forth smoothly. I am seriously considering taking it back. If they do not take it back, I may just have to sell it and look for another brand. I put too much money into this grinder for it to: A) not come with detailed istructions...on anything B) to not be up and ready to go the second I bought it (which is why i bought it...needed it that very second) and i'm still unable to use it properly B) i'm using it so many "trial and error" times that i'm putting wear and tear on the whole grinder and not getting results; thus, depreciating its value without me getting anything in return.
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