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The reason that these type of bids come in are because the blower companies are not taking there time and doing a good quality job. We pride ourselfs on giving the best quiality job, down to the last little aspect. We clean off all surfaces, clean off branches from pine trees and such, and clean out all the plantings in the beds. We also like to create a nice edge when landscape edging is not in place. As long as you take pride in your work and don't work so fast that you not doing a good quality job then you will be fine. We had a large contractor tell us that one of there accounts did now want mulch blowing service any more and wanted all therer materials installed by hand. The account was for one of the nations largest home builders, they alwasy give this contractor a good amount of work. We said let us prove ourselfs and not base there desicion on the other companies downfalls. So we did and needless to say we just did all there work in our area as well as there HQ for michigan. No more complaints about mulch blowing.
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