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You are absoulutly correct about "these"co.s. They did a site of ours, the mulch was laid in less than 1/2 " in many areas(bid was for 2-3"). That season we went through 2 sets of blades on our trimmers because there was so much residual mulch on the shrubs. I don't see that truck around any more. One of the large landscape co's owned it. They are definatly poieces of work though, earier this year they walked out of a bid on a 200+K maintance project because their was a 30% minority bid clause. Unfortunatly it seems, at least around here that when somthing new comes out, the scam artists get it first, make a $hitload of money off it, give it a bad rap, then sell it. That bad rap is hard to overcome.
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