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When landscape companies own these trucks they can eather do quite well or bomb. Tipicaly they don't do so well, the companies that do well are the ones with no ties to a landscape company and focuse all there energy into the pneumatic application biz. This way the are trying to do a good quility job all the time, so you get great work at a resonable price. We understand that when the coustomer is see the work we have done it is not on our heads but the heads of the landscape company that contracted us. So we make sure that our application is the best it can be and it makes the our clients look good. The other pluse to not being tied to a landscaping company is that other landscapers do not want to be paying there comp. to do work for them. Almost all the blower co's in my area are tied to a large landscape company. I hear all the time from people that they love working with us because they are not paying there comp.
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