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If the plants are Casoron tolerant an over-the-top application at 100-150# of the 4G product per acre should do the job, but check the label for tolerance for each plant in the yard to be treated. Generally, surface rooted plants like rhodies and small conifers can suffer from over-application. Watch out for ferns, vinca and heather, all very sensitive. Make sure the owner waters by hand at least a 1/2" within the first week or so, especially if the temps. are above 80 degrees. A few short waterings is better than one long one. Runoff into lawns will kill grass as will footprints from the treated area to the lawn (I see this all the time). Manage has a label for horsetail and can be applied over-the-top also. By the way Critical Care, you won't find the glove technique on the label so it's illegal you know. Why not just paint it on with a foam paint brush and dispose of the brush properly? Neal
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