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hey now!

Hello my name is Steve and after working for others up in VA decided to "go where the chilly winds don't blow" and after seeing so many "lawn monkey's" around here got started for myself

Then: 85 Ranger, 6 x 10 trailer, belt drive 36" Snapper and used 2 cycle equip

Today: 95 Dodge Ram 2500 & 90 Ford F-250 added an extra trailer 6.5 x 16

60 MTD (I like the Chopper, but this one is much cheaper and she goes about 10, with the 25 hp)

54 Cub (Nice on flat stuff, but god is she slow)

(2) 48" Walkers GHS & Mulching Decks( Best "Versitile" Mower made, not super fast but can do it all great for the smaller jobs like condo fronts & back yards)
36" Snapper Hydro

(2) 21" Cub & Snapper which I don't load on the trailer any more as I just don't to jobs that require a push mower...I can "weed wack" a postage stamp fast than it takes to unload

(3) Husky Back Pack Blowers which are super lite and just a strong as any Ecco

Lots of Shindaiwa & Ecco stick edger's & weed wackers

Stihl Power Pole Saw (paid for her in 1 week of Palm trimming)

Anyways I have a business partner & am an S corp...lucky my partner and I are best of friends and enjoy the same when we go on those "business trips" it's all covered .....anyways just got back from a "business seminar" in CO to take "stress management" relief while sking ......and getting ready for our anual "officer's meeting at the Daytona 500......gotta get those receits


" Think I'll Come Back Here ....... From
Time to Time ...... Every Now n' Then

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