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A diesel is a good investment.You will only<br>have a problem with constant starts and stops<br>if you have a turbo diesel.A good naturally<br>aspirated diesel of around 61/2 to 7 litres<br>is very good.Isuzu,UD and Mitsubishi all<br>make excellent trucks.Your maintenance will<br>be less as a diesel uses compression-ignition<br>rather than spark-ignition,therefore no spark<br>plugs,ect.You do need to keep a close eye on<br>your air filters as a &quot;dusted&quot; motor is<br>pricey to fix.I know of trucks here that <br>do 250-300 start/stops per week and they are fine.(no turbo) I service mine every 200 hours (I fitted hour meters to them both).<br>I would go for one of the abovementioned<br>cabover trucks,as you have much better <br>visibility and manauverability.<br>Hope this helps.<p>Karl<br>
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