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the reason turbo diesels aren't good for short trips is that, you are supposed to let them idle for a couple minutes after a drive, to let the turbo cool down, otherwise you'll go through a lot of turbos (the bearings coke because of the extreme heat and lack of oil circulation). There are two practical ways around this, one is to get a turbo timer, this keeps your engine on for a couple minutes after you remove the key, alowing the turbo to cool down. The option which interests me more is a pre-luber. this is an electric oil pump that pressurizes your oil system before start-up, greatly reducing startup wear. It can also be used to circulate oil after the engine turns off, this cools the the turbo. Another add-on which is interesting, though of little need for me (in virginia) is a diesel fired coolant heater. This heats the coolant in the winter, without a plugin, it also has an electric coolant pump. I wonder if you can wire it to circulate coolant after engine shutdown withou firing the heater. look at it, i think. its expensive, $1500. but i think it could save fuel, cause from reading about it, it uses .04 gallons per hour to heat the engine,
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