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This is a great post for new and old alike. Tips of the trade.

I'm new to this business, but have been in many other facets of the service industry.

The only other item i'd suggest is;

When we contract a new client we create a log sheet for them that specifies exactly what we'll be performing at their location. It includes items to watch out for such as; specifics on trimming, locking or closing gates, contact info, day/times of service, billing schedule and anything else that may be relevant to crews.

Even if your a solo, this is very valuable just in case your ever injured or put out of service. It may be the manual that saves your business if you ever need to send someone else to perform your livelihood.

Keep these log sheets in your binder with everything else. You can buy plastic sheet covers at any office store. Then organize them in order of how your week is scheduled.

Thanks to everyone else that's provided what works for them,
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