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i will check out those threads. One of my main concerns is how fast it will fill up. I've been out of the bussiness for about 2 years and forgot whats it's like here in CT with leaves. I can count on a lawn covered 4+ inches with leaves. I have a 13hp blower but that thing makes some huge piles fast and i find it's a lot of back and forth with the blower/tarp method.

I was also think leaf plow but with out a truck loader or even sides built on my truck i won't be able to haul the leaves away so thats why i was considering your product but I've never mulched leaves before and don't know how small they can get which in turn will show me how much the catcher will hold.

I want to know if i'll have to empty it out ever 20 feet or every 100 etc. Do you have any proven mathmatical equivalents like for example " on average, leaves 4" high with mulching blades you should be able to go 100 feet before emptying"? I've never used a bagger either.. LoL
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