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About the best I can do is tell you that you will fill a tarp (6 by 8) pretty full with 2 catchers. To give an accurate calculation of square footage covered I would need to know how thick on average the leaves are on the lawn after a single cut. I would estimate that a 4 inch high leaf cover would be reduced to around 1 inch on a single pass (most of the leaf area is airspace) which would give you about 20 feet before the bagger is full (the capacity of the 6.2 bagger is about 10,700 cubic inches). You would get a much better result with a "pre cut" pass on the leaves to increase the compaction factor and allow small pieces to fall back into the lawn. I would estimate 40-60 feet. You could also use our leaf extender which adds about 80% to the capacity. I hope this is helpful, maybe some of the other guys who have had experience in your area could give some input. I know that with an extender and precut you can get pretty close the the capacity of a dedicated vac system.

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