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Originally Posted by stxkyboy
I think the second picture is the best it river rock if you want to the fact is it does not match or blend with any of the other types of rock materials used in the project......rather than the waterfall looking as though it is part of the landscape it looks out of place. The river rock draws so much attention to itself that it detracts from the surround area. Just because some thing is called river rock doesnt mean its appropriat to use in excess, becaus rather than the waterfall being a focal point ur river rock is.
whatever guy.

You're arguing personal opinion. I mean, some people like red mulch

If you were to look at a mountain river in NH, it would look pretty similiar to what jd did.

You're waterfall is nice too, but its all the same rock material. IMO, it doesn't look real at all. Especially the stacked stones at the pond. It looks good -- I do like it, but it's a different look than jd's.
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