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Seems reasonable to me also. Not a whole lot of work for some decent pay, can't complain about that.

Here's one for ya's:
A couple of months ago I had this job, rake red mulch out of the beds on the front side of a house, and put in white river gravel. Mulch was maybe 3/4" thick, and took me less than an hour to get it all out and in the back of my truck (I was using my loader) I put down just over 3 tons of creekstone (very good estimating, I had the last 4 shovel fulls to do around a tree in the front yard) and put it all down in about 2 hours. So all in all, I was in-n-out in maybe 3 hrs and I got $310 for the whole job. Stone cost me $54. Not a bad job, and not a bad day's pay.


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