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bent crank & sheared key

good call about the sheared key, after tearing it apart, I found the crank was bent and the key was sheared off.

OK, I took the blade off and then the little adapter sleeve and the crank is definitely bent. Makes sense why the pull-start was bucking in my hand, almost ripping it off....feels and sounds as if the timing was off and now I'm guessing it is because it's not spinning & firing the way it should. Also, when I pulled the adapter sleeve off, the 'key' fell out was sheared right off. This shouldn't have happened, they aren't built the way they used to be.
Any suggestions ? a new mower with 30 minutes on it, not sure what I should do......did many things with mowers before but never put a new crankshaft in before and it kills me to think I paid $10 a minute for this thing and now it's toast !!! Not even sure if it's something I can do or if something else may be damaged. Even though under warranty, I can't imagine them taking responsibility for this when in fact the crank was bent from me hitting a small stump barely an inch thick !!! Open to any suggestions, what would you guys do ?....thanks in advance for the help guys !!!!
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