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Originally Posted by chevydave
As far as democrats raising taxes, I will be more than happy to pay my share today versus, getting $65.00 dollars a year that Bush gives me and leave billions of dollars in a hole, and my children and grand children are born in a hole to pay back. You tell me what is $65.00 dollars is to me? Nothing..Nada...He claims I could have a down payment on the washer and dryer and that is all, a down payment not a whole price. Yet Bush and his administration could spend billions of dollars ($200 billion if not more) for Iraq ($250 billion on Afganistan) for his own OIL FIELDS and for Chaney to grow his personal companies, and for his administration interest. Bush and his administration is really poor, so what the poor folks of the U.S. of America have to say. We are the poor ones and we continue to pay the high cost of Republicans.
Sorry, chevydave......I'd rather live with Bush in office than have a liberal communist like JANE Kerry in the white house. If he wins, Life is over as we know it......I would rather have Ralph Nader there than Kerry......Let stick with the lawn care biz. Leave Politics out of this one.
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