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Originally Posted by Lawnworks
How did you guys learn to do that? Incredible work.

Many years of trial and error!!!!! All I can say is study anything and everything you can get your hands on pertaining to the types of work you are planning to do. Manufactures of those products are a great source of knowlege and for learning new techniques. Call them and get literature and specifications. They provide seminars and workshops for new guys. These workshops are a great way of networking and learning how the other guys do it in other markets. Some manufacturers will even send reps out to work with you on your first project or work with you on bidding projects. I wish I went that direction early on. It would have saved me lots of money and improved our efficiency.

I would say another way of learning is to look around at your competitors work. Carry a camera around with you and take pics. You can learn more from your competition than you think. Once you understand the standard construction procedures of the different products lines you will understand how they built, how much it cost. But must importantly look at the design, cuts and all the detail work.

Get to know your competitors. There is more than enough work out there for everybody. I am good friends with 4 of the guys I compete with in my local market. We do a bit of networking by sharing leads, ideas, problems, equipment, plant sources, and I even share a contractors lot with one of the guys.

Hope this helps you out some.

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