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im still a fairly young guy and i still have a ton to learn, but from day one i had a lot of great insight from fellow friends in the industry. each one of them said the best way to learn is to go work for somebody else. from highschool all the way through college i worked for myself, and still worked for another lco on the side. i cant tell you how many tricks and skills i picked up. i went to college and graduated and got a few great job offers and decided to go work for the company im at now. i have never been happier and each day i always learn something new. all i can tell you from my experience is try and follow what mid atlantic said, as well as if you can, go work for an experienced company for awhile. its like a free education. im very happy where i work now, and have given up going to work for myself, and am in for the long haul at the current company. i can honestly say i love going to work everyday, and i get paid to learn.
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