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I've been mowing for 6 years and have incorporated all the previous postings' advice. You learn quickly from errors and downtime.

My piece of advice is more philosophical. I make a point to introduce myself to all the neighbors of my customer(s). I don't knock on doors, I just go up and talk to them when I see them, and this is after I have already given them a wave and a smile in previous weeks.

I introduce myself.. Hi, I'm Pat. I cut for Betty over there. I'm here every Thursday, if there is anything I can do for you just let me know. (Hand them a card, 1000 plain cards at Office Depot is about $12-$13) Then I chew that fat for about 1 - 2 minutes, thank them for their time and excuse myself.

This shows them that you are friendly and efficient. I get SO DARN MANY jobs this way. Many times they cut their own but like the way I trim/edge so I'll hit their sidewalks every two weeks, takes me 5 minutes and I charge 'em $5 per trim and get $10 from them once a month. Then... the other neighbors see you cutting and trimming two of the neighbors and they start looking at your work and thinking...

If it's 105 degrees outside and I see a lady cutting her grass I go over straight away and ask her if I can cut her grass for free. I get the usual guff but they ALWAYS let me. They try to pay me but I'll tell them they can buy me a soda some day, they will be a future customer and they WILL tell all their friends about you for a week!!!

That's only 1 of 100 things I do that only help me. If you want to grow your business always think how others perceive you, perception is reality.
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