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When is the last day of clean-ups for you?

When is the last day of clean-ups for you?

Assuming the weather is not terrible for the next few weeks, what is the last day you hope to be doing fall clean-ups this season. For me I'm, hoping it'll be around Dec 17th, maybe 20th at the worst. It could even be earlier than the 17th, but I'm shooting for the 17th and assuming a rain day or two.
Last year with the rain, wind, snow and frozen leaves I didn't even finish all the clean-ups entirely and spring clean-ups were a bit sucky. This year seems to be going much better. So, what's your situation? I'm always excited to be done by Christmas. Do you do clean-ups after Christmas regularly, or do you always try to get done before that? I'm sure the dates will change from north to south and that some are long done, like you lucky Canadians.
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