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my situation is a bit different. I live by a small town (300)about a 20 min drive form the small city (20000) where I do most of my work. I don't have anyhting but a open pole shed at my house. I rent two 10 x 20 storage units on the edge of the dity where I work. I can just barely back the mowing trailer into one and I keep the fert and spray and other equipemnt and some hand tools in the other. I also keep a small trailer at home and a few things I only use occasionnaly. I bring the mowing rig home about once a week to do my yard and a couple that I do in town here. I like being able to just back the whole trailer in at night and close the door. It's more secure than It would be at my house and I don't havae to pull the trailer down the highway home and back every day.
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