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Originally Posted by MImowerkid
I am preparing mulch prices for the next year and I see that I can get mulch for 26 to 40 dollers a yard here in lower MI at A place calles Angelo's for you guys in the area . I can deliver up to 3 yards at a time with my friends's dump . I think that my pricing will reflect like this :

mulch price per yard +$30labor = amount per yard installed
plus $35 and up delivery
Cypress mulch= $70 yard installed plus delivery
Cedar mulch = $61 yard installed
does my prices sound right for 2 men working putting down 2 yards an hour paying 10 bucks per hour to the other man ? I'll be making 50 an hour with little expence other than gas which will be coverd under the 35 doller delivery fee
The price is a little high, but not far off. I'm just a little concerned about your last statement (highlighted in red). I don't think you know your true operating cost? That $10/hr employee should be close to $13 (counting tax and wc) and what about your fixed expense etc.? You are doing what a lot of guys do and only see the dollar sign.

You might check into what their delivery fee's are at your supplier. The mulch yards can deliver 7 or so yards at $15 a trip here.

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