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Managing fall and winter bermuda installations

Landscapers in our area often install Bermuda sod during the fall and winter months. I've seen three new properties this week in such a scenario. We've always been told no pre-emergent on new Bermuda sod, so that's the practice commonly observed.

Today, I investigated one where the sod appeared to be installed around last September. It was well rooted in some locations, but in some areas the sod seams were still evident.

This lawn is severely infested with henbit and a host of grassy weeds. Poa annua, Poa triv, you name it. Since the sod is was not fully established before dormancy came, I am concerned about weed control methods. It obviously had no pre-emergent to this point.

I'm thinking that since both a post and pre-emergent is needed, Simazine would be a good option other than Glyphosate (will not put that in my tank - whole other subject). I do not think Simazine would be any threat to the greenup process this Spring, as long as it would control the existing weed problem.

Any Simazine vets out there?
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