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Revolver is also great for removing fescue in actively growing Bermuda. You should get good use of that product this year. I will most likely be using it for perennial ryegrass removal in my own lawn this Spring.

As the weather turns cold again this week, the Revolver might take a bit longer to produce results. Just keep that in mind.

One thing about the pre-em. I've heard many theories on the use of pre-em on new bermuda, but you do want to avoid having it active during the Spring greenup process. One of my most trusted reps says that applying pre-ems at a reduced rate right now is just fine as it will lose efficacy before early April. Once the bermuda has greened up, then we can go with another round of pre-em. This does leave us vulnerable for crabgrass for a few weeks, but the greenup period is critical. It is possible that problems seen in the past were from traditional March 15 applications of pre-em, which is just before greenup. One could understand the problems potentially caused by that.

UGA did a study on pre-ems with bermuda sod installed in February 2000 and 2001. They found that Pendulum and Dimension used at labeled rates caused very minimal to zero issues with greenup or root damage. Ronstar caused zero issues, but that product is not labeled for residential use. They only saw problems with 2X and 3X rates while simulating an actual overdose. This was with high quality sod under near perfect soil and moisture conditions. We can take that for what its worth, but what they found goes against the labels regarding new sod.

You can read about the study here.
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