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Originally Posted by PTP
The designs look good. No doubt about that. Here are some thoughts. Take them for what you think that they are worth.

Maybe they look to professional. If you were a customer and got that in the mail, would you think something like, "The grass in the picture sure looks good. It looks like this guy is a real professional. I bet that he does a good job but he probably charges a lot."

Here is another thing.

The last thing that I would want if I was a customer would be a free estimate. I know, I know, how else are you going to get them the price? What the customer really wants is the price. They don't want someone to come over to their house and take up their time. "The guy will probably not show up on time anyway. Then when he gets here, he will probably try to sell me something that I do not want."

Perhaps you can get around the traditional "Free Estimate" somehow and make it a little more convenient for your customers.
Not to be rude, but I disagree. You get one chance and once chance only to catch someone's eye before they toss the advertisement in the mail. Low budget, crappy looking ads aren't going to do it. I wanted the cards to be eye catching and appealing. AND, I don't want the customer that's looking for the cheapest service, I want the customer that wants the best quality and is willing to pay for it. The ads need to make me look professional and give the idea of quality, not the cheapest guy around. If that scares off the cheap-os that are looking for fly by night joe to cut their grass and go for $10 a week, I'm all for it.

Secondly, I've always used the Free Estimate thingy on all advertisements, as does the majority of businesses that give free estimates for their service. When someone comes up with a way to convey the idea of free estimates without the use of the words free estimates, I'll reconsider. People want to know the price for service, but how else are they going to find out without me showing up to give the estimate, for free? I certainly don't have time to go through every house in my mailing list and write down the estimate before I send it to them, and I don't give blind prices without looking. I don't think that free estimate thingy is an obstacle to getting work. ANd once again, if a few folks wanna be difficult about an estimate, then I'm better off without them.
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