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We currently gross 400k a year. 100k of this is chemical lawn care. I started out ewith on guy then proceeded to two as growth was anticipated. The original guy is the manager. he has been injured and is unable to do any physical work, even snow plowing is to much. He is reliable, but clealy is not busy enough just managing one guy. I have been pushing him to do cold sales in order to build the chemical lawn portion of the business. He is not in to doing the cold sales. He does help out with alot of errands and other things when Im busy.

He curenntly makes 27k on basically 40 hours, he doesnt care for overtime. he has approached me for a raise to 30-35k and would like a percentage of profit. Although he is reliable, trustworthy, and honest, this has got me contemplating looking for a more motivated individual that is able to do physical work and think.

Please share your thoughts with me and what your manager does and for what money.
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