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Don't get overwhelmed stay positive you can end up making yourself, your employee's, and your family life more productive getting more done in less time.

Take the time to makes lists, it sounds like it may take too much time, but you'll be amazed what you can do when you set goals.

Let everyone know what is going on communication is the key to creating mutual understanding

Pay attention and listen not just hear the people you interact with

Have Fun

Well although it may be impossible to not let low ballers bother you just don't show it to your customers. Look at them and laugh, but don't be too cocky the bottom feeders may have some good ideas. Low ballers will always be there, well not the same one but another,another,and another...

Lube everything, it makes things work easier, burring less energy, and you can go longer, harder, and faster then without it.

Safety never takes a Holiday

...Get Educated it pays
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