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just talked with the guy.. hes actually a freind.... worked with me about 7 years ago - for one year... knows basics.. but we talked about all he would be doing ---and then came the salary.. he starts out by saying.. well i make $15/hour now.. (hes a painter--"paints houses for a small company) and i really cant afford much less than that...his bills and all" so i say well... youve been there for 5years... you cant just start somewhere at top pay.. you gotta grow... So i sell him on the Unemployment issue in the winter.. he likes the idea of only workin 8 mos.. and gettin unemplyment.. but still cant see that i have to start him at the MAX .. $11/hour.. than 12 after 60 days and if he gets a CDL in the fall... $13... and each year increase... thats pretty good pay in my eyes.. "is it not?" let me know your thoughts... Thanks
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