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Originally Posted by scraper69
just talked with the guy.. hes actually a freind.... worked with me about 7 years ago - for one year... knows basics.. but we talked about all he would be doing ---and then came the salary.. he starts out by saying.. well i make $15/hour now.. (hes a painter--"paints houses for a small company) and i really cant afford much less than that...his bills and all" so i say well... youve been there for 5years... you cant just start somewhere at top pay.. you gotta grow... So i sell him on the Unemployment issue in the winter.. he likes the idea of only workin 8 mos.. and gettin unemplyment.. but still cant see that i have to start him at the MAX .. $11/hour.. than 12 after 60 days and if he gets a CDL in the fall... $13... and each year increase... thats pretty good pay in my eyes.. "is it not?" let me know your thoughts... Thanks
If the guy makes $15 hour year round and you are planning on paying him $11 hour 8 months, and then cut back to unemployment for the winter. IMO all you are going to accomplish in this deal is the loss of a friend. He might think the unemployment sounds great now, but when they come to take his vehicle because he is making less per year and can't make the payments. He is going to be pi...d at you not himself for agreeing to the cut in pay to change jobs.
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