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I always try to make sure that I am pointed out and away from the store. That way I can't be blocked by these lazy a$$ people that need cigs and soda, that park right in front of the door in areas that are suppose to be driving lanes. I always park so there is no space in front of the truck so someone can't back in front of me. I don't care if my trailer blocks a pump behind me. There are usually open pumps and the people that will block you off certainly don't care. I pay at the pump so I don't have to stand in line behind the beer,cig and lotto addicts. And I have no problem using a gas station bathroom and making absolutely no purchase. Sorry for the rant but people who have never pulled a trailer just don't understand and will park right in front of you. At lunch I always park across about 8 spaces and angle the truck pointing out towards the center drive. No matter how far out you are there is almost always a car parked in the very next spot in front of you when you come out.
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