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Rexmann - First off, welcome aboard.

As for the CD Rom, that's something I was also tossing around. The thing I was wondering about was how you ensure that your customer's PC can run the slide show? Did you put it into a media format, or did you include the software to run with the slide show? Also, do you have a nice label put on the CD? I may not get to doing it this year (lots of other mktg irons in fire), but I think it's a great idea.

As for weeding out price shoppers, we're getting better about pre-qualifying leads on the phone. We haven't done this yet, but if you charge up front for design, then you've got more ironclad commitment. Well, that's not completely tru - we do a design, and if they want to keep it after we've shown them, we charge. But they can have the estimate for free.
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