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Originally Posted by All Lawns & Landcare
There is gated community going up with about 50 multi million dollar houses. My question is how would I market to these people? Thier are about 1 or 2 that already have some poeple living in them. But you can not get into the gate, they will not let anybody in, unless you have the proper crudentails. How would I even find out what the adress's are to these houses so i could mail them something. And the hard part would be knowing when they actually moved in so i could mail them at the right time before they get somone else?

Any suggestions?
All the addresses for those homes can be located on the county tax website. In our area the site is, this is where we locate the lot sizes for pricing & you can input a street name & it will give all the house numbers that correspond with that street. You can put together a mailing for all these homes that are occupied.
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