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Originally Posted by YardPro
this is not an insult, so please don't get upset,
but be very careful with gammer and spelling if you do any mailings. these people are more than like very well educated and will notice is something is spelled like crudentials.

i would suggest getting in tough with the homeowners association and presenting them with your credentals, etc.
they can then put you on an "approved" contractor list.
if it is a new neighborhood that has not yet formed an association, then you should contact the developer.
Oh I assure you that when i mail them something all the proper spell checks will be taken. When i type on this site i dont care about puncuation, spelling, capitalization, or proper grammer. I didn't take it as an insult by the way.
Thanks to every ones replies, i think i am going to bs with the front gate and find out at least the street name so i could start my mailings. Anyone deal with very wealthy poeple and how are they?
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