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Good luck on the mailings...let us know how you do. Frankly I've had zero success with mailings to high-end property owners. I have some accounts in Manalapan (you should know where that is) on the ocean. All of these were through referrals and networking with real estate agents, property management companies and the like. Gated communities are tough to get into...I agree with comments about contacting the builder/developer. Usually they act as the HOA/POA president until enough of the home owners move in and elect a board.

I also suggest you educate yourself about HOAs / POAs in Florida so you understand how the process of the board works, how they budget for services, etc. It would help you out.

BTW, I understand you spell check etc when dealing with customers. However I'd suggest you make it a habit to ALWAYS conduct yourself in a professional never know when your next contact with another person is going to be the one that brings you $$$. Not a dig, just an observation.

Good luck.

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